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Cactus Peach Roofing Solutions is a second generation business, based in Atlanta, GA.  Collectively, we have 50 years of experience.  Although I was born to paint (my Grandfather was the owner of May Painting in Tuscaloosa, AL), my father made sure I had all aspects of construction under my belt.  Which meant I spent many hot Alabama and Georgia summers as an apprentice to my Grandfather, Uncles (also painters and general contractors) and my Father.  All to the tune of a crispy $20 bill at the end of the day.

Working with my Dad, Grandfather and Uncles taught me many things growing up.  Many lessons were absorbed in those hot Georgia and Alabama summers on top of the roof:

  1. Am I doing what's best for the customer....or what's easiest for me? You can improve the process, but that should never result in putter the customer or the product at risk.

  2. If you make a mistake...Own it! Assess it, fix it, and move on.

  3. The earlier you start, the faster you can finish. Cause Grandma always had sweet tea waiting for us when we got home.

  4. It's better to go the extra mile. 


These lessons always stuck with me and are now the foundation for Cactus Peach Roofing Solutions: 


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